About the Project

In the Gap is a project for the class Neighborhood Narratives Fall '08 with Hana Iverson. It focuses on the oppositional binaries in divorce, exploring them through the experiences of the binary and the spaces created in between.

Pictured above you can see the place of inspiration for In the Gap. It is an exit ramp for a parking lot behind the Ruth Adams building on the Dougglass campus (Rutgers, New Brunswick). The sloping parallel walls made me think of binaries and gaps in understanding, which I tried to simultaneously show and break down in my project.

I designed this multimedia project so that my classmates could walk around this space, reading my parent's thoughts and experiences of divorce and the conflict of having to sharing time with my brother and I, while they simultaneously listen to my experiences of that conflict through a podcast.

This project is very personal. It is about taking the personal public in an effort to share experiences and stories (see manifesto for more). I am aware that it focuses on the negative aspects of divorce and my and my parent's experiences. I do harbor some anger and frustration and I let it out here. Please understand this is still only one version of the whole narrative.

I dedicate this project to both of my parents whom I love very much and who are both very supportive and understanding.

       Now, where is this exactly? Look below...



About the Artist

My name is Alex. I am in my final year at Rutgers University, working on a major in Women's and Gender Studies and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. I love art. I love poetry. I love muffins. I love cake. And I love broccoli.

Check out my blog and projects that I have been working on during the rest of the semester in Neighborhood Narratives.